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Eric Nilsen


This is my first post as I just started using the BarTender label software. Up till now I have used ZebraDesigner and NiceLabel but they were lacking a lot of the functionality in terms of text placement and object adjustments. I am extremely happy with how the BarTender software performs, however I can't find one basic functionality: In Zebra I had a prompt text field where the operator was required to put in a xx digit text string upon print before he was allowed to print the label. I can't this prompt feature in BarTender. The closest thing I have found is Data Source - Type - Print Job Field but they only have predefined variables to select from, not a custom field or generic text field. Can anyone please help?


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Pete Thane
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Hi Eric,

The normal view of the label is the Template design view but for the prompted fields you need to go to the Data Entry From view. 

At the bottom of the BarTender screen will be a tab for this (Form 1) and when the new screen  click on the Data Entry Control button and add on a Text Input box. 

If you double click on the new box, the Text Label governs the user proompt on the screen (ie Enter Product Code etc) whilst you need to adjust the Linked Data Source to connect the data entered at print time in the box to the appropriate field on the label. and hopefully that should get you up and running.

As you can see you can all kind of different items on to this screen (such as an image preview of label, date and time fields and database look ups etc.

I hope this helps


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