Cannot update SQL Server Database Server on Label Follow


BarTender 2016 R7 - (64 bit)
Windows 7 and Windows 2012r2
SQL Server 2014 SP 1

I have a label which connects to a SQL Server Database.

I have copied the label to a new site and want to point the label to an identical database on a local server to improve performance while I test..

Every time I update the connection and click OK it never saves and is always left pointing to the original data source.

I do not want to, and shouldn't have to create a new connection as it has 25 query prompts. This worked fine in previous versions.

Has anyone got this working???




Jan Schra
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Hi Liam,

Guess you solved your issue already. But I came across the same issue and I removed the connection and added a new one and was happy to see that the query prompts were still there. So you would also not have to do your 25 prompts again.


Liam Rice
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Hi Jan

Yes i did. I created a copy of the label and recreated the connection and as you said, the query prompts were still there.

Thanks for replying though.



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