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Assaf Horowitz


I work in Engineering where we design labels for our product but the production department print these labels
Each label has H/W table which we mark "X" per H/W changes.
I am quite new with VB and I wanted to control the amount of "X" before printing and not using data source (EXCEL)
For example I tried linking Drop-down List to Text (which not on the label) and tried it to effect on other accordingly with the following code 
on each OnProcessData

If Format.Objects("Text 4").Value = "2" Then
Format.Objects("Text 1").Value = "X"
Format.Objects("Text 2").Value = "X"
Format.Objects("Text 3").Value = ""
End if

but it didn't work...

Please I need help

many thanks



Pete Thane
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For Text items 1 to 3 make them Event Controlled VB Script items set to OnPostPrompt, so that the script will run after the value from the dropdown for Text field 4 has been selected.

For each one the script required is

If Format.Objects("Text 4").Value = "2" Then
Value = "X"
Else Value = Value
End if



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