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Reinis Putn

Hey guys! I am fairly new with the Bartender and I just started printing labels.
I have never written a script and I would really appreciate if someone could help me out with one script.
I need a new printing function. It goes like this:
I start printing for ex. "text" while it is printing I change to"text2" and by pressing print again, it stops printing "text" and starts printing "text2" instead.
Can anyone help me out with this, or atleast guide me where to start?
Thank you


Pete Thane
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I am not sure exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Cant you just do two print runs, one using value X and the other value y?

Or is all the other data the same and you need to just change the value of one field part way through the run? If so is it after a fixed number of labels each time or after a variable (but known) number of labels for each print run? 

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