Datamax Printer Configuration Utility Follow

Mike Council

I am using Seagull Windows drivers version 7.4.3  for a Datamax-O'Neil A-4212 Mark II and I'm having difficulties with the Datamax printer utility communicating to the labeler via a TCP port. The print job works fine with no problems.

When using the utility it tells me (see picture) that the 'Print directly to Printer' option must be checked in the driver settings. It is checked and despite OS restarts and running the utility as Admin, this error persists. I simply want to access the memory modules in the labeler to upload a graphic image. Doing this serially works fine but I'm not using the driver. I was told by our local Datamax sales rep that Seagull developed the printer configuration utility. I don't know if that's true or not but if they did then perhaps someone can help since Honeywell, the current owner of Datamax, is pretty much worthless answering questions.

In summary, I need to manage the memory modules in this labeler for graphic uploads.

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