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Giovanni Caruso


     I need to print 10 progressive serials number on a single label. Each serial should be the previous serial + 1.

The netx label will start with the "last serial of previous label" + 1.

How i can do it?

Tnx & regards


Pete Thane
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If the starting number just continues to increase then all you would need to do is add 10 fields to the label each with a different starting number (each one higher than the next) and set there to increment by 10 each label on the Transforms > Serialise screens.
If the starting number can vary then you will need to add an extra process into label to make them all reference the original number and then add 1-10 to it.
I don't have access to BarTender atbthe moment as offsite but if you need this post up a reply and I will reply when I next have access.

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