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Hello BarTender Community! I have been working with this software for about a month and I've decided to try printing on tapered labels. I was wondering if anyone had any information regarding making a tapered template with a larger side than its opposing side?

So far my current solution is to create a rectangle template that has a height of the largest side of my label. Then create a box inside using two horizontal lines forming the smaller edge. I had to play around with the angles a bit to get the dimensions just right so my printing was consistent through all 1,250 tapered labels. 

If anyone has another solution they have used successfully in the past please let me know at your convenience. Thank you! I will check back daily and update if I come up with any other solutions. I hope this helps anyone out if they want to print on tapered labels in the future.


Pete Thane
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Never tried printing with a label like the one you are describing but you could scan one of your blank labels and add it as an image into your BarTender template at its normal size but then in the Properties of the picture click on the name of the object at the top of the column on the left (Picture1 if there are no other images on the label) and adjust either the Print When to Never so although it appears on the screen it wont print or tick the pre-printed box so that it will appear on the screen and preview of the label but again will not print. 

Doing the above may help with field placement when designing a label but if you are using label printers then you could encounter some difficulties/ in the start of print position if there are not horizontal/flat edges for the sensor to pick up on unless you use a black stripe/reflective registration mark and set the sensor and label format accordingly. You can encounter the same issues with round labels where the sensor needs to be placed so that it sees the bottom of the curve, but if it is moved and out of position and so triggers further up the curve  then the printing will start from there.

I hope that helps

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