Stock definitions disappearing Follow

Franklin Deacon

I'm using TSC printers controlled by filemaker and bartender, 3 TSC ttp 346M 346MPro and a MT all running from windows 10 have recently lost stock definitions from the printer preference dialog (they simply no longer exist) from multiple computers.

on this occasion I had added the 3 rd printer to the set (yet another label) and updated all drivers  seagull 2018.3

So would normally assume it was a consequence of that update, however no problem was initially encountered, everything was fine until 1/2 way through the 2nd day,  

Additionally this is the 2nd time this has occurred, previously 6 months to a year ago the same thing happened on multiple occasions, mainly on the printers controlled by Filemaker.

I know this is vague but if any 1 has encountered anything similar or has any idea's I would be grateful for their input.


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