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Erik Nordström


I am using a Form and Print station as my interface to my printing users.

In this for there is a drop down record selector that is connected to an external DB2 database, it displays orders in our order systems, ready to be shipped.

The form remains open, i.e. you do not select the template after each print, and after every print it seems bartender automatically refreshes the available records from the DB.

However there are times when the time between label printing is so long that records are populated in the DB but since no printing has occurred, no data refreshes is made to the record selector.

SO is the a way of adding code to a button or using a timer that automatically refreshes the database, either onEvent or set by timer

Smething like



Support has not been able to help me unfortunately


Pete Thane
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Not something I am aware of. I think it refreshes the link to the database only when you open the label and so the form would need to be closed and the label reopened to get this to work.

I believe you should be able to add a clock field on the Data Entry Form that displays the time of the last print with a note to the users saying if the label was printed more than X minutes ago that they need to close the screen and double click on the Print Station label image again or else deselect the Print until cancelled (i think it is now called) option.

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