Why LabelFormatDocument.Substring is read-only for me? Follow

Janne Yli-Arvo


Every single tutorial, this forum and BarTender .NET SDK Documentation is indicating that this is how you modify substring value:

Engine btEngine = new Engine(True);
LabelFormatDocument btFormat = btEngine.Documents.Open(@"c:\TestLabel.btw");
btFormat.SubStrings["SerialNumber"].Value = "1234567890";    // This line particularly

Even the official SDK documentation clearly states that "Named substrings not only can be read, but they can be modified programmatically.".

This, however, is not working. The value doesn't change.

There's also SubStrings.SetSubString(string, string) but it doesn't work either.

I'm using:
- BarTender Enterprise Automation 2016 R8
- Visual Studio 2015 & 2017
- .NET 4.5
- Bartender.Print is version
- Language is C#

Have I just seriously overlooked something?

- Janne


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