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Mike Bosin

Is it possible to control a data entry form based on a value in the connected database.  For example, a field in the database that contains "x" would trigger the data entry form but if the field is empty no data entry takes places.  Thanks.


Pete Thane
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You need to go into the Properties of the Data Entry Form and set up the "show when" options although I think this feature maybe edition specific and so some BarTender versions may not have this.

  • If not already on the label add a field onto the label (or off to the side if you dont want it to print) and link that to the field in the database that would control whether the form appears.
  • On the Data Source tab/screen give the data source a name via the Change Data Source Name button and screen (so you can reference this below)
  • Back on on your label, right click on the Data Entry Form tab (if only one the default will be "Form 1") and then select Properties.
  • Click on the name of the form in the column on the left (eg Form 1 if the only one you have setup)
  • Click on the button to the right of the "Show When" box and on the new screen create a Conditionally, Based on Expression routine linked upto the data source name you set above.

Hopefully this will do what you need



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