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Tam Nguyen

i work in Labels company
I print labels for my job everyday it took alot of time.
So my case is:
I slitting the lables roll to 6 accross
Each roll i slit 4 drop
Its mean:
Roll number 1 have 4 drops and i will make:
Roll 1 drop 1 ( 6 lables)
Roll 1 drop 2 (6lables)
..........drop 4 (6lables)
My question is:
How can i make number 1 run in 6 times for 6lables and next is number 2 for 6lables
......same with number 4 6lables

Please anyone know this help me thanks!


Peter Thane

A bit confused on what you actually mean, sorry.

Are you producing label sheets that are 4 across and 6 down, so 24 on a sheet?

If so would the first sheet have numbers 1 - 24 on it and would the next sheet then need 25 - 48 etc?

Peter Thane

Should have added if what you want to do is as above,

Setup your page with 4 columns and 6 rows but adjusting the Printing Order to Vertical. 

Add the number onto your label and in the Transforms set it to serialise by one every label and that should be it.


Tam Nguyen

Hi my friend!
Thanks for reply
I need number 1 print in each label for 6 times, it mean 6 labels aswell
Then automatic print number 2 on each labels for 6times
For example:
I type in how many label printing: i put 12
That mean it will be print out 1 1 1 1 1 1 for 6labels
Then automatic continue print 2 2 2 2 2 2 for 6 lables
Total is 12 lables
And 6 lables is my example
In my job it maybe go up to 36 range

Peter Thane

Okay I understand now I believe.

You can enter those details on the File>Print screen when you do your print tun

The Serial Numbers is how may increments you want


the Copies per Serial Number is the number of that number you want to print.

So based on your 12 labels above you would enter

Serial Number  2


Please note these options only appear if you have set a field on the label to be serialised via the Transforms tab in the Data Source

Copies per Serial Number 6

Tam Nguyen

Hi peter!
Thank you so much for helping
You have soleved my problem
Thanks again my friend!

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