How to Create a querry if two databases are connected in one document. Follow

Achmed Allah


I got following problem

I need to create vba macro that prints desired label, when user type order number,

To do this in bar tender document i connect two databases-one database contains info about product. Second database contains item number and item order. 

My problem is that i can't create querry on joined databases, using querry i was able to search for desired record. Is there anybody know how to create querry on joined database?


Pete Thane
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If the databases are joined in the BarTender label then there must be a field in one that is the same in the other (ie the fields that you used to create the join). All you need to do is create a filter/query connected to the appropriate lookup value in one of the tables and the join will automatically search both tables at print.time for the required data 

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