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Wouter Otten

Hello there,

I'm working as a report analyst in a Dutch (large) agricultural company. We're using BT for address stickers and labels. I'm facing a problem with the BT layout that we didn't have when previously working with Crystal Reports.

We're using BT as a webservice to which we send the results of a sql database query. The results/record is being printed on to the label. So far so good. However we need to have a query that for examples generates 5 records, being printed on 1 sticker/label. What BT currently does is print one label per records, so 5 records = 5 prints/labels.

Do you know whether there is a way within Bartender designer to create a section on a label that can show the results of multiple records? So if the query generates for example the data January, February, March on data field #month we need all three of them printed on 1 label.

I hope this is clear and that someone perhaps already faced and tackled this problem..

Best regards,



Nick Ryder
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Multiple records per label is a new feature in BarTender 2019 so that might help!

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