DataTable is empty while testing Follow

Shin-Yi Lin

I've confirmed the MySQL database is connected and browsed the rows in table.

I imported the *.btw and selected the data source name from the table in the database.

I selected trigger printing by a field value and then set value to another one after printing.

However, when I tested printing, the error message is "DataTable is empty". I am sure the printing value is right.


The following is the software version and screen shot.

Program: BarTender Designer 2016 R8

License: Enterprise Automation

Support Number: 2T-J7LD7-H4195-WK1P



Shin-Yi Lin
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I added new integration, new print function, and new action to check the default values, and then I compared them with the older ones. I found no problem at all. So, I saved the file, deleted the new ones, and save the file again. It started to work normally. 

Is there any cache that doesn't synchronize with my current value. I am pretty sure that every time I change a value, I'll save the file.

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