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Michael Vium

I have a problem when using clock in a field.

I would like to have the printing time in a timestamp in a 2D barcode. I also need to print the same timestamp in a text field on the label.

However if I print the timestamp in a text field and also refer the 2D-barcode to contain the text from the text field - the data in the text field and the 2D-barcode are offset by 2-4 milliseconds.

It seams that the timestamp in the text field is updated twice.

How do I make sure the timestamp is the same in the text field and in the 2D-barcode?


Pete Thane
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Have you tried sharing the data by giving the say the barcode timestamp Data Source a name and then adding a text field and linking that that to that named data source. 

There is a button on the top right of the Data Source screen that allows you to give a Data Source a name/add or link to an existing name

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