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Edward Borthwick


In our prefab shop we currently are using bartender to print labels to designate the equipment we are creating. our input comes from a computer generated QR code that when scanned via scan gun loads the information into a template that we have created.

Our next process involves, creating a QR code that loads a label with multiple lines of text.

From here i was curious as to if you could manipulate the string to create a QR code loaded with the information from each line individually and each line will have their own unique QR. We have set up the output from the main QR to have identifiers that some standard code would be able to extract that line of the string. 

Can this be done using vb scripting in the bartender designer?



Pete Thane
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It sounds like you just need to link the individual lines to different QR codes. One way to do this (without VB) would be to share the data between the fields by making each individual line a Named Data Source (from the button in the Data Source tab of the Properties of the field) and then for the linked field use the same button to allow you to choose which named source to use. 

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