2019 Silent Install Follow

Jason Asbury

The silent install parameters dont seem to be working for 2019. I used the PDF on the support site, I added my BLS server and PKC key, but when I launch Bartender after it installs, it makes go through the license registration. I am using the example command listed on the PDF

setup.exe FEATURE=BarTender BLS=MyBLSServer:5160 PKC=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx


Jasper Wen
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Can you confirm if you are trying to install and activate BarTender 2019 on an initial system to host the license or BarTender clients on additional systems? Also, what version of Windows are you installing BarTender on?

I would suggest the following:

  • If you are installing and activating BarTender on an initial system to host the license, I would try running the command: setup.exe FEATURE=BarTender PKC=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx without the BLS parameter since you wouldn't need to specify the License Server.
  • You would want to use the command: setup.exe FEATURE=BarTender BLS=MyBLSServer:5160 PKC=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx to install and activate BarTender clients on additional systems.
  • If you are not installing our latest BarTender 2019 R2 at the moment, I would also suggest downloading and installing our latest release here.

If you are still running into issues, please contact us at support here so we can further assist you with this issue.

Roel van Bueren
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I'm seeing different issues trying to deploy Bartender 2019 unattended.

I've downloaded 'https://d94r2itylgwnp.cloudfront.net/BarTender/11.1/BT2019_R4_140669_Full_x64.exe' from https://portal.seagullscientific.com/downloads

BT2019_R4_140669_Full_x64.exe is an MSI bootstrapper created using Advanced Installer. Per their documentation /exenoui would be the parameter to use to install unattended: https://www.advancedinstaller.com/user-guide/exe-setup-file.html.

However this doesn't work against BT2019_R4_140669_Full_x64.exe. Your documentation doesn't refer this switch altogether: https://www.bartendersoftware.com/media/1367/bartender-silent-install.pdf

Therefore I've extracted "BarTender.msi" from the 'BT2019_R1_135955_Full.exe' bootstrapper using the /extract switch.
Then using your documentation we've searched for the  BLS and PKC public properties to configure the license server (BLS) and product key code (PKC). But it seems these properties are not available in the MSI (anymore?).

Can you please provide more or update details about how to install Bartender 2019 unattended?

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