2019 R3 will not use date entered in user form. Follow

Henrik Antonisen

After upgrading to 2019 R3 printstation , when I print a label with a date, that the user must enter, the date are not changed on the label. But if I preview the label and then prints it works every time.


Stays on 2016 R8 undtil new release ;-)


Jasper Wen

This seems like an issue that you should contact us at support so we can further assist you in investigating the issue. I went ahead and opened support ticket for you.

To start some general troubleshooting, I would suggest the following.

  • We would want to know the version of Windows, printer, and printer driver version that you are using.
  • Try printing directly through BarTender designer to see if the same issue occurs.
  • You may also try following our printing issue troubleshooter article here. Specifically, adjusting the performance optimizations and object print methods it mentions.

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