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Eduard Guoth

Hello Everyone,

Within the Data Entry Forms I am trying to resolve the following situation:

- Data Form contains 1x Record Picker, 2x Date Picker and quantity TextBox field 

- User starts by entering the unique product code (SKU) into the Record Picker and filters exactly one record 

- based on the value in different column from that selected record (Shelf life), I need to compute Expiration Date and initialize one of the Date Picker with a result of that computation

The idea is that the Date Picker's default value should be always precomputed from the selected record and user could change it when needed.

I was hoping to solve this task by using some VBScript, but I couldnt find logical hook for this - some event like OnRecordChanged - where I could perform computation and set Date Picker's content dynamically after the selection. Alternatively I was thinking about another approach, using VBScript as NamedDataSource for the Date Picker, where I would put the computation logic, but here I am not sure that the script is executed after each record selection.

Is there a way to address this scenario?


Pete Thane
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For the Date field on your label link the Transforms>Offset to the database field that contains the shelf life value and then link this to your Date Picker. 

This works if the data in the database is numeric only but if it includes "days" or "months" after the value then you may need to add an extra filed (off the side of the label so it doesn't print) that is set to Numeric Only so that is strips off the text and then name this field and link the Offset setting to this named data source.  

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