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Alex Armstrong

Dear Friends in the BarTender Community,

I received this error message after using VB to transform the content of an object.

I push "continue" and I proceed along just fine.  The label is generated, the multiplication of the input and the database field works perfectly.

Two questions:  Can this message be turned off so they do not pop up at all?  And secondly, is there documentation somewhere in BarTender universe that can explain to me what the phenomena is and how to become a better VB scripter so that I don't have to get these messages in the first place?

My Script for OnProcessData Event:

Value = Value * Field("MStockUnitMass") /1000



Pete Thane
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Not sure Alex, but have you set this is up as an Event Controlled Script (probably OnNewRecord) so that the VB routine is only run when a new database record is selected and BarTender does not try to run it on screen refresh etc ? 

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