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Hello all,

I have a challenge for a label template that I can't quite work out.  I want to automate the printing of our inventory rack labels in our warehouse and production areas.  The problem is that some racks have different heights and only have a certain number of levels.

Below is a quick sketch of the concept for the rack layout.  Basically we would label the bottom crossbeam for everything in that rack column.  The labels are physically about 3" x 12-15" depending on the number of levels, but we are printing them on large 11x17" sheets (A3 size) since we need several colors.

Also below is how the label should look as well as my current result.  I need a page break or a new label for each pallet position.  The actual data for the rack location is in the following format:


11350 is the warehouse, R is the rack type, E01 is the pallet position or column, and the last two digits 00 are used to indicate the level.

My question is, how do I get the pallet position as a constant for the label until it's finished printing that pallet position?  I think I have the layout somewhat correct, but it's like I need a header on the left side of the page.  If it was just the list of locations that need to be printed, then I think I'd be ok.

So two things, I need to somehow have a label header on the left side of the label and to break on the Mid(Location,9,11).  I have the concept, just not sure how to implement through the designer.

Any help or direction is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!



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