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How do I put in a case counter.. Example I am going to run 5000 labels and on the label I need it to start 1 of 5000 on label 1 and with each label the counter goes up 2 of 5000 3 of 5000 and so on.


Pete Thane
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Hi John,

(Sorry still running 2016 - so for 2019 the info maybe slightly different)

What I normally do is set this up as one field made up of 3 substrings like the image below (via the use of the New Data Source button):

The first string I then setup to Serialise via the Transforms tab, with the field set to Increment and Reset Every Job.

The " of " filed is then a fixed field as is the last string although you will see I have given this a name (casetotal).

I have added the name so you are then able to link the data in this field to the number of labels to print on the File>Print Screen. If you use a Data Entry Form you can also add a Text Input Box onto the Form and link this to the casetotal field, or if not you will need to go into the Data Source and change the value when you print.

To connect the File>Print>Serial Number entry box to casetotal, click on the button to the right of the entry field and choose Get quantity form data source and then click on the words Data Source on the the left hand side. On the new screen click on the Change Data Source Name Button and then select casetotal from the list. Click OK (twice) and then the Close button and then save the label.

It should now be ready to print.




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