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I have a label that has a field that needs to be scanned by a barcode scanner. The barcode contains extra characters that I need to remove then have the value inserted into a query prompt to pull data for the label. The label is connected to an SQL database View that has the invoice number as the field that needs to be queried. 

The scanned invoice number looks like this SG-1234567 and the invoice number is 1234567. I need to remove SG- from the scanned barcode and insert 1234567 into the query so It can return values to the label.

How can I do this. VB? If so what is the code that will do this and where do I put it? On the query prompt field? 


Pete Thane
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Assuming the SG- is always fixed to 3 characters, o into the Database Setup>Filter>Query Prompts and press the More Options button and then choose the Turncation and discard 3 character on the left to automatically remove these.

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