Need help to print a selected DropDown entry text and value on a label Follow

Daniel Christ

In the Designer I have a dropdown as input on the form which contains several entries.
When printing the label, I select an element from the drop-down list. I want to print the selected element (also the DropDown text and value) of the DropDown list on the label.

I can't find a way to access or read the text and the value of the element from a text field of the label e.g. via VBscript.

How can i do this? 


Mike Wright
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I think there is a simple solution.  

If you have a drop down with 2 elements: Fred & Mike.  Fred has value of 5 and Mike has value of 10. 

When you select Fred you get the value of 5.  When select Mike, you get the value of 10.

Change your values so that Fred has value of "Fred,5" and Mike has value of "Mike,10".

Now you can use either data transformation or vb script to separate the Text and Value.


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