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Greg Iverson

Hi all!

I am not getting a 2nd response from tech support so I'm going to put this out there in case anyone can lend a hand :)

I'm running Bartender Enterprise Automation 2016 on Windows 10

I have a LIVE system that runs integrations great. I drop the .txt file into the scanned dir, it gets processed,and printed, the file goes away.

I have a new TEST system that will eventually replace the LIVE system. I've got the same version of Bartender installed. Running a 30-day trial so it's not activated yet and there's no license server running (as I can't deactivate the live system yet)

All printers are installed and named exactly as they are on the live system.

I copied the integration file from the live system, as well as all .btw files.

When I drop files into the dir on the test system they fail to run/print (and the file gets renamed with a ".failed" extension per my integration settings)

When I go into Integration Builder and view the results, it says:

--> "The input data file 'SHIPPER_ME.txt' was not processed because one or more actions failed to run. Review all integration actions, correct any failures, and resend the input data file."

Which integration action failed? What was the error? This is not helpful at all...

It also says:

--> "Failed to run action 'Print Command Script'. Details: "  (and then NOTHING here where the details would be helpful!)

These error messages are useless if they don't tell me what’s actually wrong! It's like the "Engine Light" of error logs :)

Here's the very simple file I'm trying to process. If I drop this into the live system it prints no problem:

<CR>Test Company Name<CR>1234 Test Road<CR>SUITE 100<CR>Golden Valley, MN 55427|<CR>DEPT OF TOURISM<CR>DAMARI ACOSTA<CR>111 TEST ST<CR>STE 7<CR>FREDERIKSTED, VI 00841|700193616||00006509340002418341


When I first opened the ticket a week ago I assumed my problems stemmed from the fact that I was running an un-activated version without a license server so I asked for a test activation code.

They responded that I didn't need a test code and that the 30-day trial would function exactly the same as a fully licensed copy, and that my integration was not failing because of that....OK, but then WHY is it failing?

Printer problem? (it prints fine when I do a manual test from within Bartender)

License problem? (they say I don't need a license and the 30-day test will do)

The system knows what caused the error but it just isn't telling me anywhere I can see.

Does anyone know if there's a log file anywhere that will actually tell me what it doesn't like about the scripts?

I've included a couple pics of the screen showing the errors..

Thanks everyone!




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