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David Boenitz


We are working with an Epson TM-C7500G printer and have some roll labels with a height of 4" and a width of 6". The backing of the roll the label sits on adds  0.0625" all around. The problem we are experiencing is that on the leading (left) edge nothing is being printed. This makes our label look incomplete, the space is about a .0625" gap of white. The only thing that needs to be printed in this section is the continuation of a green band and line, that is actually overhanging on the template.

I have tried

  • adjusting the template numerous times to adjust/compensate for this.
  • to reset up the entire bartender doc to be one solid green label and the gap still persists.
  • downloading Bartenders Epson driver and establishing a local connection (cause our typical driver is Epson's and on a network)
  • Viewing the physical limits of the printer (at one point they were out) but it doesn't make a difference whether it's in the limits or not.   I remember seeing a post about removing those limits but haven't been able to find it since.

Any suggestions to help us with this problem would be great. Thank you 




Roy Burgess
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Hi David

If the print out is big enough as in over bleeding onto the backing paper then you need to use the Epson Printer Setting Utility to adjust the print position of the printer via Print position Tab. With the Epson Driver it is the far right tab: Printer Utilities and under Printer Preferences you will find the Printer Setting Utility.


X & Y Values will move the natural print position left/right up/down.

You cannot overhang an image on the template it will only physically print as big as the size you have created in the printer driver.
You then select that size in bartender document and zero any margins/offsets so the template size is the same as the document size.

If it needs to be made bigger still then edit the size in the printer driver>save then reselect that size in the bartender document again all margins set to zero.

Amend image to new size.


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