Extracting the right 2 characters from a database string Follow

Ryan Boos



I have a field that is the combination of three elements. The field requirement is that it has to be no more than 20 characters. This is not important in the human readable segment when considering the spaces within the string. The bar code will not have spaces. Focusing on the last four digits as this is the shipment sequence, I need the last two digits and need to strip away the "00" in front of the "10" at the end.


As seen in the code, the first part is static information. The next 7 characters are the order number and is followed by the shipment sequence "0010"


I set them all as variables thinking it would be easier to extract the data from "seq" this way.


duns = "UN 003396959 "
order = Field("Global_ILT.V_SHIPMENT_SHIPTO.ORDER_NO")

Value = duns + order + seqs


I have tried a handful of things but nothing has worked yet.


Thanks in advance for the help 


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