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We have run across this error after upgrading from Bartender (Automation Edition) 10.xx to 2019.R4. Not all of our database fields are populated for each product that we create labels for. The fields that are populated vary per item/customer. Also, if the field is blank we cannot have any information printed as per customer label requirements.

We currently use Print Station exclusively with no scripting for printing our labels.

Have tried changing all of the options in the error handling of the objects. Also unchecked all logging of this error in the Application Message Setup of Bartender.

The error window only occurs when using Print Station. Printing from Bartender does not produce the error window.

Is there a way to disable only this error?



Jeremy Smith
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I was having the same problem and I found that I was able to eliminate Error 3776 by doing the following, for all fields that may at times have empty data:

In Bartender Designer and with your template open,
Double click a field to open "Text Properties"
Select "Error Handling"
Under "Error Condition", select "Data Is Empty"
At minimum, uncheck "Display warning in design area" and "Write message to log"

Save all changes & close Bartender Designer
Close & re-launch Bartender Print Station

Jasper Wen
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This is a known issue currently as of BarTender 2019 R4 and will be addressed in the next service release of BarTender. In the meantime, you can workaround the issue like Jeremy mentions.

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