Global Data Fields issue - time to time starts counting from random (?) value. Follow

Jakub Šmíd

Hi there,
we are using BarTender Global Data Field to store unique logictic number used on our Export packaging - the goal is to have unique number on exery export box. This number is serialized (+1 increment on every printed label) and is used as a number part of the final barcode. See attachment.

The problem is, that time to time, the Global data field loses its "history". It means that you print 150, 151, 152 (as expected) and than it jumps to 120, 121, 122. These numbers are not unique of course and we are not able to use them, logistic system reads them as duplicates....then we have to manually update the Global data field (to 153 in our example) and relabel all incorrect barcodes.
Our setup is:
We are using BarTender on 3 computers, 1 of them is used just for printing. 2 BarTender instalations are used by designers. License server and Database is installed on the "printing" computer, because it is always on. We were not able to instal the licenses and databases on servers, because a hardware key is required for installation (we have upgraded from "lower" licenses).

Please, could you help us with the GDF issue? If we are not able to solve it, we will have to find another solution - if we cannot trust Global Data Fields, then they are useless....




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