Dynamic Table linked with Key Field and connected to Excel file Follow

Lasse L

Target Example attached as pictures.

Dear community.

I am trying to exploit the new dynamic table object in a case where we connect to one excel file which in one sheet has a list of labels to be printed and corresponding data for header fields and another sheet has a list of lines (with key to Box number from header) on what should be listed in a dynamic table on each label.

I.e. based on below and attached example, target is to let the Designer populate 3 labels (dynamic amount depending on lines in header sheet)

  1. with fields working as header information (header1 and header2) - easy to get to work independently with datasource on fields from excel
  2. with a table on same label only with the lines that has box = box on header list - I can't get the table to filter correctly, either with join as data source I get populated to many fields or if I only import as dynamic table I can get it to make one label with unique values per header line.

Any ideas on getting on the right track here?

Header List

Box Header1 Header2
1 a d
2 b e
3 c f


Table List

Box Line Item Qty
1 1 g 2
1 2 h 4
1 3 i 6
2 1 k 1
2 2 l 1
3 1 q 2
3 2 w 3
3 3 e 2
3 4 r 3





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