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Stef Van Hooydonk

Hi All,


I use a bartender file (V10.0 SR2 automation) for printing a label with 2 fields that get their value from a csv file. Since it is possible 2 users want to print a label at the same time, writing the csv file can go wrong. I am searching for a way to pass the content of the two fields via command line parameters.


I found this topic which suggests following command line call:

"C:\Program Files\Seagull\BarTender Suite\bartend.exe" /AF="c:\bt\format1.btw" /?"Q1"="007" /?"Q2"="WA" /P /X

Unfortunately there seems no way to use the query prompts without using a database connection.

Is it possible to use the content of a command line parameter in a label text field without using external files or database connections?


Thanks in advance,




Chia Chang
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Same here, I could not find a way to query prompts and had to use a database connection.  The issue I am seeing is if you use a database connection, you have to indicate those command line are header rows and I could not find a way to have more than one row as header which is causing an issue also.  Let me know what you have done.

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