Extract zip File and Print ZPL file Follow

Juan Pablo HUMANI

Hi there! Everyday i download a Zip file from "MercadoLibre.com" which always contains 2 files:

1) PDF with a list of all Sales Order to be retreived.

2) Txt File with all the labels to be printed (binary zpl)

So, what i want to do, but im not successfull yet is:

a) Detect zip file (always with different name, such as day and time)

b) Unzip the TXT in one folder, Unzip the PDF in another

c) Print the TXT file in my Zebra GC420-->Ive tried this ítem and Works fine.


Things ive tried:

-Use the 7zip.exe command line. It Works itself but not in the integration. It says "Succesfull", but never unzip file.

-Make a batch of that. Same.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in regard,

Juan Pablo

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