Unable to install Bartender Follow


Trying to install BT2019_R6_147532_Full_x64 on Windows Server 2016 and I'm not able to install.  

Double click, nothing happens, no errors or anything to the Windows Event Log. 

Has anyone else had any issues with this?


John Smithy
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Trying to install BT2019_R6_147532_Full_x64 on Windows and I get this error " there was an error during the windows features configuration process. your original configuration will be restored". I have no problem installing bartender 2016 R8.

Peter Thane
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Assuming you have sufficient permissions and are installing the correct bit version for your (compatible) Windows system then my guess would be the .NET issue may well be the cause. 

2019 require .NET 4.X to be installed but this in turn needs some .NET 3.5 elements but on some PCs these are not installed and the Windows installer will not install them automatically. 

You may want to checkout  this post for more information:and a link to the Microsoft information



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