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Good day.

We use Bartender for most of our barcode labels, but recently we have been facing a new problem with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) labels: the information that some of our industrial products require (safety instructions and, especially, safety pictographs) is generated in the same program that we use to come up with the Material Safety Data Sheets: Chemeter (from a company named Siam).

The question is this; has any of the different Bartender Licensing modes an already-designed interface to the Chemeter database (I understand it is an encrypted SQL database), so that we could get the GHS information from there, or should we migrate our templates to Chemeter (which also has label design and printing capabilities) thus abandoning Bartender for those products?

I hope for the former alternative, since using Chemeter does not seem as user-friendly.

Best regards,

Juan Agudelo


Peter Thane
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The last GHS system I implemented was linked to a different database type with the pictograms, in this case, stored externally and just the name of the ones to use held in the file.

I dont know the Chemeter system and so cannot answer your question, but have you tried connecting using the Database Connection wizard to try linking to it? I would suggest creating a brand new label to try it with initially and so you dont mess up any of your existing labels

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