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Uninstall Command for BarTender 9.4?



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    Peter Thane

    You maybe better contact Seagull Tech Support directly to see if they still have electronic copies of the silent install instructions for v9.4 as this may help you.

    The problem is 9.4 is no longer supported and so this could be an issue but if you mention that you will be replacing with 2019 and so will be under Maintenance when you purchase that version then you could be in luck.

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    Nathan Rothrock

    Thanks for the reply, Pete.


    For anyone that finds this later, I was able to uninstall BT with PDQ Deploy using the command below.

    \\path\to\exe\Bartender_9.4SR3\BT94_SR3_2781_Trial_Suite.exe /s /v" /L*v C:\temp\BarTenderInstall.log /qn PKC=XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX EDITION=EA REMOVE=ALL

    However, this didn't seem to deactivate the software. I saw some examples with %'s around the PKC but that didn't change anything. Seems like you have to manually deactivate the software from within BT, then run this command.

    Note that the command will still run even if you don't deactivate the software, but I don't know the implications of that on your account.


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