Warning Message #2201 The following database fields are referenced by template object but not presented in the database Follow


Hi, Ive build a web integration that uses CVS database label template. when the payload coming from the ERP system it will replace the CSV file data with a payload that received and send it to the label printer. 

The database fields are (Name,DisplayName,PrintCopies,InventoryNumber). If a payload coming has all these 4 fields my integration builder passes it to the printer with no issues, but if for instance the item payload that is coming has no InventoryNumber attach to it the integration builder throw warning message with is normal. 

When I press yes, then it will send it to the printer, Wanted to know is there any way to get an integration builder to skip this message, and automatically print it out without user involvement??

Please advise, Regards 


Peter Thane
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Have you turned tried turn off the warning in the Application Message Setup for the Administer menu?

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