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John Towns

Is there a way to change the font size of the human readable text from a barcode? Example; I have an 8 digit human readable number and I need the first 4 digits be 8 point size, and the last 4 digits 14 point size.


Pete Thane
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I dont think you can directly, but need to cheat a bit.

  • (If your barcode comes from a database ignore this step) Go into the Properties of your barcode and use the Change Data Source Name button to give the barcode field a name (I called mine TheCode)

  • Go into the Human Readable option in the column on the left and set the Human Readable to None.
  • Next add a Text Field onto the label and go into the Properties of the field
  • Change the Type to Visual Basic Script and the choose Event Control Script and then press the Edit with Script Editor button
  • The new screen will open with the cursor under the Value = "Sample Text", edit this line to Value = "1234"
  • Now scroll down the column on the left until you see the OnIdenticalCopies option. Click on this to open a new screen
  • In the Edit box add the following:

Value = <and in the column on the right either click on the Name you gave the barcode above or the Name of the Database field that contain the barcode number>

then add a 2nd line

Value = Left(Value,4)

and you screen should look something like this


  • Click Close and the click on the <VB icon>1234 in the left hand column and use the Copy and then Paste buttons at the bottom of the column to add a duplicate field

  • Highlight the bottom field and click on the Edit with Script Edtior button and change the second line of code in the OnIdenticalCopies screen to 

Value = Right(Value,4)

  • Click Close and Close again to return to your label template screen.
  • Now click your cursor into the 12341234 text field and you should be able to select either the first or second sub-string individually and change the font size, type, bold etc independently for each half of the number.

I hope this helps




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