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Ron Bakker

We have a label with with most of the text locked, but we have two little text boxes within the label where we can change the lot number and date. Most of the printing is done on the Argox printer, but when we print the label on the Imaje printer, these little text boxes move out of alignment. My understanding is that these labels were designed on an earlier version of bartender.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Windows 10 BarTender 2019


Pete Thane
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If there is a differences in the resolution of the printers then this could cause this as could the font that is being used. If the label has been created with one printer driver and is set to use on of the internal printer fonts then when the print job is sent to the other printer a different font will be automatically selected. You may want to set these to use a Windows True Type font, such as Arial and so the fields will be sent by BarTender as graphics.and see what that does.

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