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The variables in the design include time pressure. We want to print this from the Aplikator printer Zebra ze500 printer. The factory is printing with 3 shift systems. the current design is sent to the machine by the operators during the day. The time the printer is sent to the machine and the time it is printed continues until the end of the shift until the printer in production receives the trigger. It is expected that the machine will print its real time on the label during this time. For this reason, if the label is sent to the printer one by one, we can see the time information on the label. but when we send the number of labels as 1000 labels during the shift, the time information does not change. For this reason, what kind of action is required on the design.


Pete Thane
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You need to enbale the Use Printer's Clock option in the text field you are using, by first changing the Type to Clock:


Please note however that you will only be able to use certain fonts for the clock label field as the printer will have to use one of its own embedded fonts.

I hope this helps


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