3408 error - Licensing service isn't located Follow

Joe Farinella

I have been having this error consistently on my computer every time it restarts.  BarTender can't locate the licensing server.  When I went to install the SQL software, it said it was already loaded.  I did the following and it now works fine:

Opened my Task Manager
Under Background Processes, locate the BarTender System Service settings app
Right mouse click and choose Open Services
Locate BarTender Licensing Service and Run the service

Hope this helps.....


Ben Ferguson
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So my customer was having the same problem that Win 10 updates were causing him to get the error 3408 to commonly. I tried the process suggested by Joe Farinella but found that the BarTender System services were already Open.


So I went into Administration Console 

Selected Windows Services and found that BarTender Licensing Service was STOPPED

Selected "Elevate Permissions" at the top of the window  then selected Start


Hope this helps if it is not in the Task Manager


Tsvi Anshell
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Joe's advice was working perfectly - thanks a lot.

If it won't be a long term solution, I'll try Ben's advice as well - thanks as well.


Sean Donohue
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Has anyone found a permanent solution for this yet? 

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