Firebird connection issue Follow

Anthony Smith


I am running Bartender Enterprise Automation 2016 R8 and trying to create a serial tag (label) with a database connection to Firebird. 

I have created a view in the Firebird database (so there are no joins) and can call the view with a serial number to return the results using a database workbench tool - this responds instantly.

Creating a connection to the database in Bartender to add the returned data to fields on the label is giving me problems.

The Bartender software hangs every time I click on anything that interacts with the database (click a field, select from database fields list) The lag is around 10 seconds and makes editing labels next to impossible. It does return the correct data & I cannot see any problem with the connection settings?

The server is running on Server 2012R2 and I am running the client software on Windows 10 64bit.

If anyone have any suggestions or fixes I would be grateful.

Kind regards,




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