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Dear All,

I have an Excel file with SKU for each product and related part number, product description in columns.

How can I create a data entry form, which prompt user to input the SKU and the product serial number (qty say from 1 to 100), so that all the product details will be auto filled in Label with serial number auto increment, and only print this particular SKU label but not all records in Excel?


Your help is highly appreciated.

Matthew Ho


Pete Thane
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There are a couple of ways of doing this,

  • Create a filter in your database connection screen linked to your SKU field which at print time the operators need to type in


  • Add a Record Picker to a Data Entry Form that the users scroll down to find the item they want or else use the search bar to look for it (you may need to go into the Properties of Record Picker to adjust the way it works and looks, such as changing the order of how the columns are displayed etc. 


For your sequential number,, add a serialising text field on the label and from the Data Entry Screen add a text or number input field and adjust the Properties of this to link to your new serial number field 

I hope this helps 

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