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Dear Community,


Something very strange happened.

I was using the filter in Bartender filtering on empty cells for a certain database field: 'field is null'.

Earlier today it was still there, but suddenly this option is now not available anymore... The field is "Value_txt_1".

The filter automatically changed to "field is between .. and ..."


Can anyone help me?


Al Perez
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Hi Leen,

Thank you for your post! If you're trying to filter by null, you'll have to use the 'is null' operator; you cannot use it in the value field since null has no value (you might have experienced a visual bug if you did see this). Also, keep in mind that the null-based operators are only available if your database's field data-type allows for null to be used (check your database to make sure this is true). See my example:

If you want to search a range and also include records with null, you'll want to make sure that both conditions are in the statement.





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