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Scott Lemons

I am trying to create a template and form where the user will enter a number in a field and that number will dictate how many labels are to printed and serialized. The serial number itself will be a different entry field.



Enter part number: ___________

Enter Serial String ___________    (will look like SL12345JK-001)

Enter Number of labels _______ 


The 001 in the serial string should count up to the number of labels when printing. I have the basic form set, I just need to figure out how to tell the printer how many labels to print. It will be a different number each time. Any help would be appreciated.


Pete Thane
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As long as you have added a field onto your label that has been set to serialise then if you go in to the Properties of the entry field on the Data Entry Form then you will be able to link it to the Serial Numbers entry that normally is shown on the File>Print screen.

At print time when the user enter the value in the entry box then that is how many serialised labels that will be printed.

Make sure to change the Text Label value to something suitable so the operators know what they are entering. 

I hope this helps

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