How add a GS group separator in my GS1 128 Bar code Follow

Pascal Lacasse


i'm new at using BarTender and need some help to add a GS group separator in my barcode.

i need to add  the GS before the AI (90).

thanks for your help.


here is how it set




Pete Thane
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Just ignoring your request initially please note that your barcode has been formatted incorrectly. The brackets appear in the Human Readable only and are not encoded in the barcode data itself. 

I would suggest it is advisable to use the GS1 Application Identifier Data Source Wizard but as that is normally found on the Symbology and Size tab I am guessing you are using an older version of BarTender as that option is clearly not available to you.

For variable length AI data fields you need to add a ^1 data terminator (Shift 6 and then the number one on a UK keyboard) so that BarTender will encode this. Below is a sample barcode properties screen without the brackets but including the Function 1  after the AI10 data string and the full barcode can be seen below for your information.

I hope this helps

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