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Sonchai Malaichan

Hi Support teams,

Currently, i have trouble with QR Code Design Template Issue which picture as below.

I want to create one data source for all text human readable below.

So my questions is:

1. If i want the running on highlight color while print label out,How can i do that?

2. If i want multi line of text as  below, How can i do that?

My bartender is BT 2016 version.


Pete Thane
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"I want to create one data source for all text human readable below." in which case you cannot highlight just part of the data string. You would need to make the Human Readable made up of at least three different sub-strings,and either 

  1. Use three identical strings but then use truncation to "chop" off the bits you dont want for each string (eg sting 1 above set to "keep" characters on left 9 to make it just the "EXA, 2027" etc) although this would be dependent on the data being a fixed length
  2. Three separate strings each with just the appropriate data to it (string 1 = "EXA, 2027", string 2 = "12345" etc

With the data as above you would then be able to adjust the text fro just the data string you want to make it a different font or bold instead of regular or highlight it with colour, assuming you are using a colour printer and not a traditional label printer with just one roll of ribbon.

I hope this helps 

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