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We currently have an integration file deployed on our remote license server. This file watches for a new record within a specified database table on SQL Server. The record contains variable data for the label as well as print dialogue data including printer and number of copies.

The process works as intended when the account specified within the integration file is logged in to the server. However, when not logged in to the server and a record is created within the DB table, either no event occurrence is kicked off or the specified error is displayed: Couldn't open the above file because it either wasn't found or user lacks sufficient permission to open it.

We have a temporary workaround wherein we have the account logged in but disconnected but that cannot be the future solution.

Was wondering if anybody had any ideas on how the integration file can be triggered without having to login beforehand?



Peter Thane
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As it says it  looks like is clearly an admin rights issue of some kind Have you tried running the integration using a different user account to access the SQL table. Normally if we are connecting a label upto a SQL table then we would set the connection to use the System Admin account (the "sa" user) as we then know we have enough permissions for everything to work so maybe worth trying that for your deployed integration 

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