Barcode Type EAN-14 Follow

Moroni Lejeune

I need to use this specific code for a Label, but I can't find it on the Program

Using Version 10.1 SR1 Professional 


any help?


Pete Thane
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I believe the EAN-14 you are referring to is actually a GS1-128 code for a GTIN with an 01 application identifier.

I no longer have access to v10.1 and I cant remember is GS1-128 is down as a separate symbology or not. However as it is a sub-set of the Code-128 symbol you can just use this and use that type of barcode but make sure you tick the GS1-128 (EAN-128) button similar to the image below.

I think 10.1 included the AI wizard that will help you built your code.


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