Parse multiple data sources from a single bar code Follow

Robert Taylor

Can someone instruct me on how to create a single QR code that has multiple data sources and how to set it up to parse the data into different fields when it scans into a form from another program?

I'm working with a form in Epicor (MES). The BT template will be linked to an Excel sheet with all of the data for each field. I just need a way to incorporate all of the data for each field into a single bar code. This way the user only has to scan one code to populate the whole form.

 I've tried making a vb script and using control characters for tab & return and also adding multiple data sources to the bar code itself while also using control characters. But it either doesn't populate all of the data or it puts all of the data from all data sources into one field (including the tabs that resulted from the character control).

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